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Concept Description of IREX2023

Welcome to NEKONOTE Future Factory 2030 – A Concept Exhibition Redefining the Future of Automation!


Humanoid robots are ”Last One Hand Solution” in Future Factory

“To automate intelligent human operations”, the final frontier of AI and robotics.
We aim to realize these operations with humanoid robots.
We named “last one hand” as human tasks in front of belt conveyor using eyes and hands in the manufacturing factory. Last one hand can be solved with humanoid robots.

IREX2023 wall illustration

Come and Meet us! Booth E2-36


Humanity anticipates artificial intelligence mirroring human intellectual behaviors. Add to say, robots are the embodiment of AI in the real world.
This transformative initiative with humanoid robots not only streamlines routine processes, but also opens up opportunities for human workers to engage in more complex, creative, and value-added aspects of production.

The goal is not merely to replace manual labor with automation but to elevate the capabilities of manufacturing processes with experts. Humanoid robots, with their sophisticated AI-driven functionalities, promise to bring efficiency, precision, and adaptability to the production line. By automating tasks that demand intelligence, dexterity, and decision-making, we aim to redefine the landscape of industrial automation, marking a pivotal advancement in the synergy between human and machine. AI is growing up with the know-how of experts of manual operation. This means that factories must keep expertise to improve AI for robotics. “Work with Robot” represents these situations.
We believe saving manpower in the age of AI is not about reducing the number of people; it is about increasing the number of experts who can train AI and devise ways to use robots.

Foodly and Bonobo and new humanoids in the booth.

Exploring the Future of Automation

Since 2005, RT Corp. has been at the forefront of developing various humanoid robots, mobile robots, and peripheral systems designed to seamlessly link pre- and post-operations. Our commitment to innovation has led us to create groundbreaking solutions that are redefining the automation landscape. You can see “Foodly” humanoid robot working in food factory. We produced line operation with demonstration and video. The cell operation is the latest operation with Foodly.


Meet Foodly and Humanoid Robots

– Your Collaborative Robot Assistant –

Visit the RT Booth at E2-36

Join us at the RT booth (E2-36) and immerse yourself in the future of automation. See the extraordinary possibilities of humanoid robots tailored for food factories and distribution warehouses. Experience the collaborative capabilities of “Foodly”, a humanoid robot designed to streamline lunchbox production and cell production in food factories. You can touch the robots in operation to find safety. Explore AI-enabled humanoid robot operations that demonstrate the synergy between technology and the human touch. Some of these remarkable robots are already improving efficiency in real food factories. A humanoid robot is a solution that aims for automation while leveraging existing facilities.
Explore our cutting-edge technologies, explore the harmony between AI and robotics, and imagine a future where human-robot collaboration leads to unprecedented efficiency.
We unveil just a small part of scenes of automation. ”Humanoid robots” are the Last One Hand Solution at the Future Factory, where the possibilities are limitless and the future is now.

Let’s develop the future with RT Corp.

Solutions to automation while leveraging existing facilities with Foodly
Foodly using a rice vending machine
Foodly using a Suzumo rice vending machine

Foodly with Yamato TSD-N3Foodly with Yamato TSD-N3


Our Technologies

Machine Vision, Physical AI and ROS/ROS 2

Machine vision and physical AI are developed by ourselves. We can supply these technologies for your robots. We are a leading company of development with ROS/ROS 2. We support connecting AI, ROSwith industrial robots and our robots. All shown robots are developed by ROS/ROS 2.

unformed natural food picking using original image recognition

Soft human touch control
Soft human touch body control

Cell production Foodly Type-R(left) and box picking robot Bonobo(Right)

They are brand new robots. IREX2023 is the Debut for them.

Humanoid robot Nekotencho

Our humanoid robot “Nekotencho” (Shop Master Cat)speaks with ChatGPT and AI vision.
Please make a pose in front of him.

Sponser opportunities and development partners

Please ask our staff in the booth.
Inspire the future factory with RT Corp.
We are looking for sponsors to develop humanoid robot solutions.